Chartered Surveyors

FGP is a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in Knutsford near to Manchester, specialising in Utilities and Infrastructure for the Developer.  Our Surveyors are primarily allied to the Rural Professional Group of the RICS. Our professionals are Chartered Surveyors with the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers Qualification. In addition we attach great importance to our internal training in the specialist arena of utilities and infrastructure.

Working across a range of industries we are experts in the acquisition of rural land and rights for infrastructure. We work to understand our client’s aims and build relationships with landowners and occupiers to ensure the acquisition process runs smoothly and efficiently. Inevitably commercial and residential interests do arise and while the principles remain the same we have the necessary experience to deal with all types of property.
Although we are often working with “compulsory powers in the background” we attach great importance to achieving voluntary agreements where possible.  Across all our projects 90% of acquisitions are completed by agreement. This saves time, effort and expense for the client and importantly, ensures a positive long term relationship with landowners hosting apparatus.
We have the necessary expertise to advise on and work through compulsory purchase procedures if needed, including a track record with the more recent Development Consent Orders

Our specialist areas of work include:

  • Advice and consultancy for the infrastructure industries
  • Cables – Electricity and Telecoms
  • Canals and Waterways
  • Gas storage and Gas extraction
  • Pipelines – Gas, Oil and Water
  • Road and Rail schemes
  • Wind farms and Energy
  • Access for maintenance of infrastructure
  • Long term infrastructure management







Chartered Surveying
Chartered Surveying