Compulsory Purchase

At FGP we specialise in the valuation, negotiation and settlement of third party acquisitions of land and rights over land. While the FGP ethos is to maximise voluntary agreement, it is important to understand the background of Compulsory Purchase and how to implement it.

FGP combines years of experience in the infrastructure industries with a working knowledge of engineering, environmental issues and landowner concerns to produce solutions and keep projects moving forward. Our skill is to identify areas where landowners’ concerns are genuine and those that are tactical, addressing them accordingly. Often property problems not recognised by the landowner are also identified and can be resolved for the benefit of all.

It is important that fact finding before a project is thorough and that the details of the different compulsory procedures are followed to the letter. FGP are familiar with and have a track record in this process.

Clients are offered a bespoke package to suit their project. Some of the services on offer:

  • Industry specific advice for Canal, Cable, Gas Storage and Extraction, Pipeline, Road, Rail, and Energy projects
  • Advice on land purchase costs including compensation exposure assessment
  • Liaison with professionals, representative groups and Owners & Occupiers
  • Regular updates and information for clients
  • Site meetings to gather information and to assess project viability on the ground
  • Full record taking of all negotiations to produce an audit trail
  • Provision of experts for statutory hearings
  • Strategic advice towards obtaining Development Consent Orders 
  • Guidance and knowledge sharing under the relevant legislation including: Compulsory Purchase Act 1965, Land Compensation Acts 1961 & 1973; Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004; Planning Act 2008; British Waterways Act 1995; Electricity Act 1989; Energy Act 1976; Gas Act 1986;  Highways Act 1980; New Towns Act 1981; Petroleum Act 1998; Pipelines Act 1962; Telecommunications Act 1984 including “Code powers”; Transport & Works Act 1992; Water Industry Act 1991; Reservoirs Act 2010